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Home Health & Hospice

We strive to provide quality care to all patients by restoring their independence and improving their quality of life through experience, expertise and excellence in nursing and rehabilitation services, education and coordination of care.

Axiom Home Health Inc. employs experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals. Through continuing educational requirement, employees are kept up-to-date on the latest developments in quality in-home medical care.

Our team of healthcare providers are licensed and certified with the education, training, skills, and experiences needed to meet the patient's personal and healthcare needs.

Our team collaborates with the health care providers in the acute care setting to ensure a safe transition of care from the discharging facility to the patient's place of residence.

Referrals for Home Health Services:
Referrals for home health Services may be made by patients and family members. However, home care cannot be initiated without a physician's order. Upon referral from a physician, a nurse or therapist will perform an assessment of the patient in his or her home. A plan of care will be formulated from this assessment. The nurse then coordinates with the home health team to provide home care services that are suited to each patient's specific needs. The care provided may be temporary, involving just a few hours a day, to more permanent and full time care.

Family participation is important. The agency's team works to ensure that the patient receives the best care possible. The team provides family members and the patient's caregivers with education, counseling, and support. Because medical social workers of the home health team have an extensive knowledge of community-based programs, they can make referrals to resources that best fulfill the patient's needs. Medicare Home Health Care benefits are available to patients if they meet four conditions:

  • Their doctor must decide that they need medical care in their home and must make a plan for that care
  • They must need intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech language pathology services or occupational therapy
  • They must be homebound
  • The home health agency caring for them must be approved by the Medicare program
You should be satisfied with the quality of care you receive in any health care setting. If you feel that you have not received the best care, you have the right to voice your concern. We provide a wide range of high quality, cost-effective home care therapies and services to patients of all ages without regard to race, creed, color, sex, diagnosis, sexual orientation, handicap, advance directive decision, religion or national origin.

About Axiom Home Health & Hospice Services

Our Mission

We strive to help our clients be as independent and healthy as possible by supporting health and wellness in the home. We offer Medicare - Medicaid certified home health care to the Greater San Antonio community.

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of the Agency is to provide continuity of health care for clients in their home or place of residence and to ensure that superior quality care is provided. The Agency is dedicated to the provision of comprehensive, high quality, client and family home health care.

Our Services

Home Health Services

When an illness strikes, or when a person can no longer perform everyday tasks like they once used to, Axiom Home Health can help. In addition to skilled nursing services, Axiom Home Health offers services like personal care, bathing services, dressing and grooming assistance, and housekeeping.

Community Services

Axiom Home Health offers services like personal care, bathing services, dressing and grooming assistance, and housekeeping. However, home care services cover a wide range of health and social services for individuals recovering from surgery or an injury, those with disabilities and chronic conditions, or people with terminal illnesses.

Useful information

1What is a plan of care?
Your doctors and our team of home care nurses will work with you to make up your plan of care. This will outline what you will need from your services. Together you will assess:
  • What services you will need
  • A schedule that will fit your needs best
  • What types (if any) of medical equipment you will need
  • Any therapies you might need
  • Goals that you and your doctors feel can be achieved through services.
2Why choose home care?
It is a proven fact that the speed of recovery is faster from the comforts of home.  Depending on your hours and insurance, home care could even be more affordable than a nursing home or other facility. Residing at home could also decrease the risk of infections and sicknesses transferring from patient to patient. With home care you can:
  • Recover faster
  • Reduce the chances for infections and the chances to get sick
  •  Recover from the comforts of your own home
  • Involve your family members in your recovery and care
  • Gain more independence while still getting the help you need
3What agency is right for me?
Here are some helpful questions to think about when choosing the right agency for your needs
  • Does the agency take my insurance?
  • Does the agency provide the services I need?
  • Who will supervise my services?
  • Will the agency work with my doctors?
  • Is there a back up plan for when a provider does not show up?
  • Are providers available during the hours I need?
  • How long has the agency been servicing the community?
  • Will the agency include my family members in my care plan?
  • Will my insurance cover services and supplies?
  • Do supervisors make regular home visits?
  •  Who is available to talk to regarding questions and concerns I may have?